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Tools for tag "Typography"

  1. Screenshot of Fancy Text Decorator

    Fancy Text Decorator

    Find various text-only effects

    Added Dec 2020
    Go to Fancy Text Decorator
  2. Screenshot of Fluid-Modular Type-scale Generator (CSS)

    Fluid-Modular Type-scale Generator (CSS)

    Quickly generate the CSS boilerplate of your design system using the concept of 'Fluid-Modular Type scale'.

    Added Oct 2021

    Made by

    • GitHub profile image of captain-woof
    Go to Fluid-Modular Type-scale Generator (CSS)
  3. Screenshot of Font style matcher

    Font style matcher

    Matches the x-heights and widths of two fonts (webfont and fallback font)

    Added Jan 2020

    Made by

    • GitHub profile image of notwaldorf
    Go to Font style matcher
  4. Screenshot of ¿©hara¢ter(s)!


    Look up keyboard short cuts for special characters

    Added Jan 2020
    Go to ¿©hara¢ter(s)!