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Tools for tag "PDF"

  1. Screenshot of I ❤︎ PDF

    I ❤︎ PDF

    Edits, compress, update your PDFs.

    Added Mar 2024
    Go to I ❤︎ PDF
  2. Screenshot of PDFcheck


    Check PDF files for signs of inaccessibility

    Added Feb 2024

    Made by

    • GitHub profile image of jsnmrs
    Go to PDFcheck
  3. Screenshot of PDF Tool

    PDF Tool

    Edit PDF files right in your browser.

    Added Aug 2023
    Go to PDF Tool
  4. Screenshot of Compress PDF

    Compress PDF

    Lessen the file size of a PDF file.

    Added Jan 2022
    Go to Compress PDF
  5. Screenshot of Extract images from PDF

    Extract images from PDF

    Download the Images from a PDF

    Added Jan 2022
    Go to Extract images from PDF
  6. Screenshot of Adobe Convert PDF to JPG

    Adobe Convert PDF to JPG

    Drag and drop a PDF, then convert to JPG, PNG or TIFF file formats.

    Added Nov 2021
    Go to Adobe Convert PDF to JPG
  7. Screenshot of Merge PDFs

    Merge PDFs

    Merge PDFs.

    Added Mar 2021
    Go to Merge PDFs